Exploring the Timeless Charm of Ertl Farm Toys

When it comes to timeless toys that have captured the hearts of generations, ERTL toys stand out

as a testament to craftsmanship, durability, and a rich history. For decades, ERTL has been

synonymous with quality die-cast metal and plastic replicas, delighting collectors and children

alike. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of ERTL farm toys for kids, exploring their

origins, the diversity of their product line, and the enduring appeal that has made them a

cherished part of many toy collections while taking a look at other companies that have since

then been a historical part of the timeless scale farm toys collected around the world.



A Legacy of Quality and Craftsmanship:

What is the first toy tractor? It’s a question that many have asked when they start to get into the

world of toy replica tractors and cars. It all started with a Midwestern man named Fred Ertl, who

went on to create the ERTL Company.

What does Ertl stand for? ERTL, short for Ertl Company, was founded in 1945 by Fred Ertl Sr.

in Dubuque, Iowa. The company initially started by producing items like repairing and

manufacturing farm equipment. However, it wasn't long before ERTL gained a reputation for its

meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, qualities that would later become the

hallmark of their toy line.

In the 1950s, ERTL ventured into the toy industry by producing small-scale replicas of farm

equipment and tractors. These early models were not only realistic but also built to last, laying

the foundation for ERTL's success in the world of toy manufacturing. Over the years, the

company expanded its product range to include a wide variety of vehicles, construction

equipment, and licensed models from popular franchises. ERTL farm toys were made for

decades in Iowa but have since moved manufacturing overseas.

Diverse Product Line:

What sets ERTL toys apart is the sheer diversity of their product line. From classic farm tractors

to sleek sports cars, ERTL has covered a broad spectrum of interests. Their die-cast metal

replicas are known for their attention to detail, with intricate features and realistic designs that

make them prized collectibles.

One of the notable aspects of ERTL's product range is its inclusion of licensed models from

iconic brands. From movie cars like the Batmobile to characters from beloved TV shows and

films, ERTL has successfully brought the magic of various franchises into the hands of collectors

and fans. This blending of craftsmanship with pop culture has contributed significantly to the

enduring popularity of ERTL toys.

Enduring Appeal:

The enduring appeal of ERTL toys can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost is the

commitment to quality. ERTL's reputation for producing durable and well-crafted toys has

created a sense of trust among collectors and parents alike. Many individuals fondly remember

receiving an ERTL toy as a gift and passing it down through generations.

Additionally, ERTL's dedication to realism plays a crucial role in the toys' appeal. Whether it's a

meticulously detailed John Deere tractor or a replica of a famous movie car, ERTL toys capture

the essence of the real-life counterparts, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty and

intricacies of these machines in miniature form.

In the world of toy manufacturing, ERTL stands as a shining example of a company that has not

only stood the test of time but has also become synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and

nostalgia. As we celebrate the enduring charm of ERTL toys, it's clear that these miniature

masterpieces have left an indelible mark on the hearts of collectors, children, and anyone who

appreciates the art of toy-making. The legacy of ERTL continues to roll on, with each

meticulously crafted piece carrying with it a piece of the company's rich history and the joy it

has brought to countless individuals around the world.

Today you can still find and grow your love of ERTL farm collectible toys in Dyersville, Iowa,

where the ERTL is still in business today.

1/16 Scale Farm Toys:

1/16 scale farm toys are a popular collector's item for enthusiasts of agricultural equipment and

farming machinery. John Deere, being a prominent brand in this industry, has a wide range of

1/16 scale farm toys that include detailed model tractors, implements, and equipment. These

toys are often highly detailed and can include various features such as movable parts, realistic

design, and collectible value.

Some people buy toy tractors for decorative purposes. They might use them as display items in

their homes, offices, or even in themed events. Antique or vintage toy tractors can also be

sought after for their aesthetic appeal.

Breaking down the meaning of scale toys:

To those new to the collectible farm toys you might be asking how big these dimensions are in

inches and what they mean. Let’s take a look at how to break down the toy scale size chart.

What is the 116 scale figure? Typically the 116 farm toy is 30 cm long or 11.811 inches. While a

132 scale figure is approximately 15 cm long or 5.9 inches. The 1:76 scale models are

approximately 2.25 inches . But the 1:18 scale model toys offer something that some of its

counterparts do not. They often include moving parts that some of the smaller models do not.

The models themselves are over 11 inches long, while some can even reach over 3 feet in length.

In Summary we’ve provided a toy car scale size chart summary below:

1/87 is approximately 2 inches

1/64 is approximately 3 inches

1/43 is approximately 4 inches

1/32 is approximately 5.5 inches

1/24 is approximately 7 inches

1/18 is approximately 10 inches

We have also provided a link to a scale calculator to help you better understand the

dimensions of scale toys:


116 toy tractors for sale:

116 toy tractors can range anywhere from the 10s of dollars to the 100s of dollars. Collectable

toy tractors can be found for sale directly from toy sites like Agzaga, eBay, John Deere and

more. An example of toys you will find on Agzaga’s website is a series of Scale: 1:32 toys

including Fendt 933 Vario with Front Loader (w/o remote) - Bluetooth App Control for $204.59.

A 1:32 scale toy, Liebherr R980 SME Crawler Excavator with Remote Control , for $325.49. A

classic ERTL 1:64 Scale Farm Country Grain Feed Playset for $55.15 and many more classic

and new classic farm toys on Agzaga’s website.

Dalton Farm Toys and Tractor Parts:

Iowa isn’t only known for the beginnings of Ertl toys it’s also home to Dalton Farm Toys,

offering a large line of toy scale farm toys from the classics.

Dalton’s Farm Toys and Tractors Parts showcase a large selection of metal toy tractors 116

ranging between $150 - $4900. For $150, Dalton Farm toys and tractor parts sells a 1/16 High

Detail Minneapolis Moline G1000 Tractor With Brown Belly, while their high end $4900 toys

would be their 1/16 High Detail Minneapolis Moline G1000 Vista Tractor With Duals, 4 Piece

Gold & Chrome Set.

John Deere Collectibles

One company, more than any other one that stands out to collectibles is the John Deere toy

tractor collectables. John Deere toy tractors collectibles have attracted generations of followers

for decades.

Promotional or Merchandising Items :

Toy tractors are sometimes used as promotional items by agricultural companies, like John

Deere, or as part of merchandise related to farming events, trade shows, or brands associated

with agriculture.

John Deere model tractors:

The first ever John Deere replica toy tractor was made by Ertl in 1952. This famous collectable

item was a replica, die-cast Model “A” John Deere. In 1959, Detailed replica tractors with

working wheels, realistic paint schemes, and other features.

Farm implements, combines & farm animals:

Attachable equipment and implements like plows, disc harrows, seeders, and balers that can

be used with the toy tractors. Models of John Deere combine harvesters, which are commonly

used for harvesting crops like corn and wheat are popular collectable toys. Some sets may

include miniature farm animals to create a complete farm scene, which are a great way for

small children to grow their love of the agriculture lifestyle.


Various accessories such as fences, hay bales, and farm structures that can be added to

create a realistic farm setting. These 1/16 scale John Deere farm toys are typically designed for

collectors, hobbyists, and children interested in farming and agriculture. You can find them at

toy stores, farm supply stores, agricultural equipment dealers, and online retailers that

specialize in farm toys and collectibles.

Parents might be asking, "What is the price of a John Deere toy model?" A John Deere toy farm

tractor or toy can start anywhere from $22 and go up to $222 and more depending on the

make, model and age. There are a variety of 116 toy tractors for sale. On Agzaga’s website alone

you can find several of these classic models.

If you’re looking to connect with other collectors or would prefer to buy a vintage farm toy you

can find 116 John Deere toy tractors on eBay. If you prefer to buy new ones you can find 116

John Deere toy tractors at Walmart and Agzaga. John Deere isn’t the only name that collectors

are looking for.

International Toy Tractors in 1116 Scale:

Toy tractors in the 116 scale are a common size for collectors. These scale models are often

highly detailed and sought after by enthusiasts. Companies like Ertl and SpecCast have

produced many International Harvester (IH) toy tractors in this scale.

Collectors often look for specific models, limited editions, and variations in paint schemes to add

to their collections.

International toy tractor value and availability of these toys can vary, so it's a good idea to check

with toy collector shops, online marketplaces, and auction sites for specific models.

Old International Toy Tractors:

Collecting vintage or old International Harvester toy tractors can be a rewarding hobby for those

interested in agricultural history and toy collectibles. The value of these toys depends on factors

like rarity, condition, age, and demand among collectors.

Old International toy tractors can include models produced by various manufacturers over the

years, such as Ertl, Scale Models, and others. Some vintage models may be made of die-cast

metal, while others are plastic or a combination of materials.

Researching and identifying specific models, years of production, and any unique features is

crucial when collecting old toy tractors.

There are many joys that can come from owning and playing with collectable farm toys and

tractors. Some individuals find relaxation or stress relief in activities like collecting or playing

with toys. Toy tractors, with their tactile and visual appeal, might serve as a therapeutic tool for

some people.

1:16 scale RC car:

While many of the scaled tractor farm toys and parts can only be found on specific sites. The

116 scale rc car is much more accessible to find. Many can be found on Amazon in the range of

$50 to $150. Even a low end RC car has a powerful motor that can go 50 - 60 mph with

overload protection, so the motor life is longer. They have a transmitter with a speed switch and

can support multiple cars at one time.

The "1/16" in "116" refers to the scale of the RC car, where 1/16 means the model is 1/16th the

size of the real car.

RC cars can be powered by electric (battery) or nitro/gas. Electric cars are quieter and easier to maintain, while nitro/gas cars generally offer higher speeds.

Operating an RC car requires skill and coordination. People may buy these cars to challenge

themselves and improve their hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Some individuals are fascinated by the technology behind RC cars. They may appreciate the

engineering, remote control systems, and advancements in materials used in these miniature


Owning multiple RC cars allows for more opportunities to experiment with customization and

modifications. You can try out different upgrades, accessories, and paint schemes on each car.

Whether you are participating in the RC car community or the toy tractor community, both can

provide opportunities for social interaction. Whether it's local races, meetups, or online forums,

people may enjoy connecting with others who share similar interests.

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